Checking in to the Soapbox Race

All Racers will arrive at the staging area at Avenue A and 1st Street (near the Shady Glen diner) between 8:30am and 10:30am for check-in and safety inspection. Please do not be late.

You will NOT be able to register on race day, and there is a 60-cart limit, so it would be better for you to register soon just in case we fill up.

Registration deadline is September 1st.

Check In

Teams will enter 1st Street from Avenue A and proceed to the Check In table. Racers will confirm their registration and that all forms have been properly signed.

After racer info is confirmed, teams will proceed to the inspection area, where the race cart will be lowered to the ground and be inspected. The tow vehicle will park in the exclusive parking lot for racer tow vehicles, nearby.


Carts will be inspected:

  • that it is solely gravity powered;
  • that they adequately steer and have a sufficient braking system;
  • that they conform to dimension and weight requirements;
  • that they can bear the weight of the driver under stress;
  • that the driver has required protective equipment;
  • that the cart has the appropriate hook in front,
  • and that it was not pre-fabricated (no just pulling engines out of go-carts or ATVs, or using other pre-fab kits or carts).

Upon completion, carts will get an inspection sticker, which can be placed anywhere on the vehicle.

If the cart does not pass it is pulled from the line and if it is possible to remediate the cart may be returned to the end of the line. If not, it must be removed from the Staging Area and will be excluded from the race. The decision of the inspectors will be final.

Pre-Race Line-up

After inspection, each team will connect their cart to the waiting tow line, which can hold five carts at a time. An ATV will pull the carts to the bottom of the 1st Street hill in front of the announcer platform where they will wait for the welcomes and the National Anthem to be sung. This waiting period gives the style judges and the spectators the opportunity to get a closer look at each cart, as well as racers an opportunity to get something to eat or buy shirts if they haven't yet done so, or even use the bathroom. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!

Starting Line

After the National Anthem is sung, all carts will be towed up the 1st Street hill and get in line to race. Racers should be accompanied by at least one assistant, who may have snacks and a cell phone to connect with the rest of their team, though assistants are not required.

As each cart races, assistants will not be allowed to run down the race track (1st Street) to get a good view of their Racer, although they can stand by and watch their racer from the top of the hill. They can, however, use the driveway of the house half-way down the hill to get to the spectator area at the direction and descretion of the Race Officials.

Race Officials will bring the cart to the starting point where the cart will rest against official race stop blocks. Adults will begin at the top of the hill on a ramp, resulting in a possible top speed of 37mph. Teen Class racers will start at the top of the hill but not on ramps, with a likely top speed of 33 mph. Kid Class racers will start further down the hill, with a likely top speed of 20-25mph.

Racers will go down the hill two at a time!

All racers are encouraged to test run their carts before entering the race to ensure steering is adequate. Find a local hill near your home before the race and test it out. Make sure to not interfere with road traffic.