Specifications for Race Vehicles

The following is a list of requirements for your Race Vehicle. Vehicles not conforming to these requirements will not be eligible to race.

Vehicle Requirements

  • Must have only one rider
  • Must have brakes
  • Must be able to turn easily, at high speeds
  • Must employ no form of propulsion or acceleration during the race
  • Must have at least three load-bearing wheels (no one- or two-wheel vehicles)
  • Must have a floor, not just foot pegs, that contain your feet and knees
  • Must be no larger than 8' long and 4' wide. There is no height restriction.
  • Must have a strong open hook or cleat on the front center facing forward, and another in the back. Your cart will be part of a chain of five carts, each hooking on to one another. The frame of your cart must be able to withstand being towed up a steep hill, potentially pulling several carts behind you, without ripping apart.
    Kid class vehicles cannot exceed 250 pounds combined weight (with driver)
    Teen class vehicles cannot exceed 350 pounds combined weight (with driver)
    Adult class vehicles cannot exceed 450 pounds combined weight (with driver)
  • Cart must have a space on the left and right side for your 1' diameter race number (to be painted on by you -- black on white). Square or circle, doesn't matter.
  • Must not have any sharp edges, either inside or out, that could harm passers-by or racer in the event of a crash
  • Carts may be shared between Kids and Teens or Adults, but not between Teens and Adults. In other words, a Teen or Adult may share a cart with a Kid, but a Teen may not share a cart with an Adult. This rule exists in an effort to minimize race delays.

Vehicle Recommendations

  • May be sponsored by local business(es) to help defray construction costs
  • May make noise or sounds while in motion (actually encouraged)
  • May be made of wood, metal, stone, plastic, string, tape, fiberglass, fabric, water, or any combinations of material you see fit as long as it weighs less than the racer class weight limit
  • May have extra weight (sand bags, etc) attached as long as it weighs less than the racer class weight limit, and the extra weight is firmly attached
  • TIP: thin wheels; well oiled bearings

Watch this video showing the track in action.

More details can be found in the Racer Manual.

Racers are encouraged to email a photo of their Vehicle in various states of construction. We will post them to this website. Make sure your number is visible in all photos so people know who to root for!